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Simply Walnut (MDF)/Simply Oak Urns (Solid)

SW/SO 150 

*Please note prices vary per size.


Small Wood Urn

Pet Size: 0 - 12 lbs.

Urn Volume: 15 ci.

Price: $72.00


Medium Wood Urn

Pet Size: 13-28 lbs.

Urn Volume: 35 ci.

Price: $74.25


Large Wood Urn

Pet Size: 29 - 68 lbs

Urn Volume: 85 ci.

Price: $81.00


Extra Large Wood Urn

Pet Size: 69 - 92 lbs

Urn Volume:115 ci.

Price: $87.75


Jumbo Wood Urn

Pet Size: 93 - 116 lbs

Urn Volume:145 ci.

Price: $94.50


Urn with Plate

  • Please be aware that all sales are final. 

    We do not accept returns on urns. However, we will happily credit your account, minus a 20% restocking fee.

    Your account credit is valid for 90 days. 

    When selecting an urn, please be sure that the urn is the correct size for your pet's cremains, as you are responsible for shipping costs.

    Should you have any concerns before purchasing online, please call (386) 734-2244 for further assistance. 

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