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Rowdy Wilson

1999 - 2012

To Rowdy Wilson (April 5, 1999 – April 9, 2012)

With a single breath, my life has been changed forever. The last 13 years of my life have been repainted with a single brush stroke. I cherish every moment we had together. I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Rowdy, oh Rowdy; you’re gone. My heart has been broken. There’s a little Dachshund-shaped hole in my heart that can only be filled when we meet in heaven. You were my constant little shadow and companion. Together, we went through cancer and chemo, diabetes, blindness and getting old. Together, we lifted each other up through all of our trials.

Save me a spot in the big chair, and one day I will be there to hold you again.

Love, Mommy


Baby Girl


"It is better to have lived one and lost them,

than to never known their love at all.

After all, love is the true meaning of life."

To the staff of Lankford Funeral Home, years back you handled the arrangements for a family member and all was done very respectfully with close attention to detail.

You recently handled the cremation of our fur family Baby Girl. Your kind professional manner and close attention to detail helped us cope with her passing and we wanted to thank you for this.

Thank you.

A.J. & Joanne


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